Zordix signs with Pixadome to publish HAYFEVER

UMEÅ – 15 July 2019 – Zordix Publishing have today announced that they will publish the title Hayfever- a challenging, retro-inspired platformer game made by the swedish studio Pixadome. Players take the role as Thomas, a young postman suffering from terrible pollen induced sneezes. With original game mechanics, players will use Thomas’ hayfever to traverse challenging environments, using his sneezes to navigate the dangers of the world. 

Hayfever is under development for all major gaming platforms including Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. The game is aimed at release in Q1 2020.

Check out the debut trailer here: 

When delivering mail, Thomas suffers a massive sneeze and loses all of the letters he’s supposed to deliver. It is up to the player to help him gather them to avoid the wrath of his horrible boss. Traveling together with his friend Charlie the car, Thomas will go on a journey spanning the four seasons. Each season introduces new gameplay-changing elements and challenges, and it is up to Thomas to find a way to turn his weakness into strength!


Retro inspired graphics and music: Hayfever features quirky and approachable pixel-art style. No graphic violence (not including broken controllers due to rage quitting!), so it is suitable for all ages. It also has one of the best retro-soundtracks ever made! 

140 Challenging levels: Guide Thomas through a boat-load of intense levels, spanning the 4 seasons. Each level contains a number of the letters Thomas lost. They’re optional, but not collecting all of them puts you at risk of facing the wrath of Thomas’ boss (you might also miss out on any potentially hidden worlds…)

Unique sneeze-driven mechanics: Use Thomas’ allergies to traverse the world. Different types of pollen will have different effects on Thomas, changing the gameplay dramatically. 

Speedrunners galore: You thought the levels themselves were challenging? Wait until you start competing against other players in the weekly speedrunner challenges!

Make sure to follow along for any updates!


For more info, please contact

Axel Danielsson

Marketing & Business Relations Manager



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DEV LOG: Nordic Game & Coming Release

Conny and Pablo ready to exhibit Hayfever, day 1

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since we updated you about what’s new with us. The reason is, we’ve been really busy making the game. Our videos takes time out of that schedule and at the moment, we’ve decided to put that effort into the game.

However, we love being transparent with you guys so we want to give you a little update with how things are going and what’s new.

Nordic Game Conference

NGC Main hall

The Nordic Game Conference (NGC) was amazing.

We were brought there by Berlin Baltic Nordic (thank you so much), and exhibited Hayfever at their booth.

Students playing Hayfever

The game had great traction at the event. Almost everyone we bumped into had heard about it from somebody else. People are excited for the full release and we received so much love. We are very grateful for you guys being so dang awesome!

Huge feature of Hayfever on the big screen

Hayfever got featured on the big screens around the event, along with a shout out by the amazing Elie Abraham at the closing ceremony.

In terms of business we’ve met with a lot of publishers, investors, consultants, translators, you name it. It’s going to be great reconnecting with everyone this coming week.

speedrunner dedicated to get the best time at the event

All in all, Nordic Game has been fantastic. The community around this event is so warm and welcoming. People attending are so kind and willing to speak to everyone. Plus, since Conny is from Malmö, he reconnected with so many of his friends.

We hope to see you next year!

Things we’ve missed to tell you

  • Jonas is going to be attending the Nordsken event next week. So if you’re going, please go check it out!
  • The game is almost finished. We only have level design, one boss and some polish stuff left to do. So we are on track in terms of schedule.

Possible delays

Even though we are on track, we are thinking of possibly delaying the release of the PC version.

This is not yet set in stone. But the reason for it is if we get a console deal, the PC version will most likely be released at the same time as the console release.

This is far from official, but it could happen. More info on this later.

NEWS: Going to Nordic Game Conference

We are going to Nordic Game Conference this year together with Berlin Baltic Nordic. Hayfever will be exhibited in the entrance hall and you are welcome to come and check out the game!

Conny will also be at the Meet To Match, talking to publishers.